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Makarska is the centre of tourisms of 60 km long Makarska Riviera, which is ending on the south by village Gradac. The ferry connects town with island Brac (Sumarin) Makarska has a approximately same number of sunny days as Hvar, but in the winter time here the Bora blows strong. The chief occupancy is farming, rising of grapevine, olive trees, fruits, grocery industry, fishing and tourisms. The town is located at coast under the steep hills of mountains Biokovo. The originally centre of the town has a Adriatic look, the new part has a hotels, restaurants and shops. The beach (1,5 km) located at bay Donja Luka, has a park, pines trees. The medical centre offer lot of kinds of therapies. The first information about Makarska is from the village Makar, which is 1km from the town, or from Romans village Muccurum, which was destroyed by Ostrogoty in year 1548. Neretvans were dominated there, later was dominated family of Kotroman, Turky, Venetians, and finally Austrians till year 1918. The first hotel was built in year 1914. The centre was developed at 17th and 18th century around the main square and the church of St. Marko from 18th centrury. The monument of the writer, monk Andij Kačič Mioširé is situated at the town square. Near the cape Osejava, on the south from the harbor is located the monastery from year 1400, which present look is from year 1614. The monastery’s church has a gallery. The museum of “mollucs” has a large collection of sea mussels (about 10 000)

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